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The Great River competition is on its way and we just cannot wait to take you there because this event is all about fun and entertainment.

The Great River Competition is an annual competition which first started in the year 1988 and since then, each year on a Saturday of September, this race is held on river Thames. The distance that people have to cover during this race is that of 21-miles which are pretty long and tiring. People from all around the world take part in this beautiful race among all the teams. A total of 330 crews take part in this marathon from all over the world and anyone can take part in the competition. Whether you are an athlete, you want to have some fun time or if you just love to row then you can get yourself registered and become a part of this marathon.

Like any other game or competition, the Great river marathon also has a few rules such as:

  • The boat must be moved by paddles and oars only
  • There should be a cox and a passenger and both of them can alternate with the rowers during the race
  • Every boat is required to have a flag

These three are the only basic rules to join this race and there. In the year 2008, there was one adding to the rules though: the boats must have their own GPS tracker systems which makes easy for the organizers and other people to track the participants.

The winner definitely gets a prize but there also is a prize for the most fancy dress which is why people get dressed in a unique and colourful way and this makes the event more interesting. If you don’t want to participate, it will be fun watching it too because there is a vibe of excitement and happiness at River Thames during this competition.

It is also famous as the “River Thame’s Marathon” and it is known to be Europe’s most colourful race. The race this year is going to start on Saturday 9th September and the total distance to be covered is 21.6 miles from London Docklands to Ham in Surrey. Here at Coaches Etc are happy to take you there. Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us 020 866 555 61 or by email. You surely are going to have one wonderful experience.

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