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The London Fashion Week is a big event and a big magnet for lots of people who attend this event every year. If you are one of those individuals who want to get the maximum pleasure out of an event then here we are with the best transport and coach services in London. We strive to provide our customers with nothing less than the best, and that’s our motto.

Fashion shows are now trending all over the world, and we can see that every other day there are so many fashion shows held in different countries each according to their traditions and cultures. But we certainly do know where it all begun. The London Fashion Week is what started this trend, but the fact is that no matter how many new or fascinating fashion walks or shows are organised, there is something unique and exciting about the London Fashion Week which is irresistible!

London Fashion Week started in 1983 in London, and since then, it is held twice a year in February and September. More than 5000 press and buyers attend this event, and a huge revenue gets generated during these weeks. People who are fashion freaks and love to know about the upcoming trends and styles must attend a London Fashion Week at least once in a lifetime because this is not some ordinary show, in fact, it is one of the  “Big Four” fashion weeks along with Milan, New York and Paris.

This year is just the same as the others, and this year you are going to see the same excitement level and same enthusiasm of models that are preparing and struggling hard to make this fashion walk a success.

The other amazing thing about this fashion week is that it is open to general public and anyone, literally anyone of any age can come and get entertained by the stunning clothes and mesmerising catwalks.

The London Fashion Week 2017 begins on 15th of September and will last a whole week until 19th of September so if you’ve got any other plans for these days then cancel them right now and join this incredible Fashion week because you are going to have one memorable experience here like never before. It’s not all about catwalks but time for exclusive shopping from over 150 brands. Don’t wait anymore and get yourself registered for this event and contact us right at the moment to get yourself a minibus booked for you and your family by calling us 0203 883 7899 or by email because we just want you to enjoy to your maximum limit and leave all the driving to us.

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