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You all might have heard about the world famous Notting Hill Carnival which is known to be the Europe’s biggest street festival. It represents the multicultural past and present of London. It has been celebrated since 1966 on the Notting Hill streets for two days in August. The event marks the presence of different cultures and traditions of the Caribbean communities.

This year the Notting Hill Carnival will be celebrated on 27th-28th of August, and it is going to be funnier than ever. There will be 37 static sound systems, steel bands, soca floats, calypso music and tempting food. The streets are all going to be full of colours and music, and different performances will represent the various communities.

The celebrations take place in London, over the areas of Notting Hill, Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove. If you are thinking of how can you get to the festivals as there will be a lot of crowds, well don’t worry we can take you there with one or our minibuses or coaches.

The Notting Hill Carnival starts on Saturday the 26th of August at 6 pm, with the performance of some great steel band competition and colourful performances and it ends by 10 pm. The actual fun will begin on Sunday the 27th of August, so wake up a little early and get ready to experience the most colourful festival of all time.

On Sunday 27th of August, the event will start with some jubilant performance of children. There is a special opening parade that starts at 9 am and ends at 8.30am at the Canal way. Sunday is also known as the family day where everyone can party and have fun, and there are different performances of young teenagers who are swirling through the streets in colours and then you can experience soca and calypso music too at the World Music Stage in Powis Square. The day will end with some more fun, and you can have the opportunity to taste different tempting food stalls too which are in a huge variety and prepare your taste buds for some mouth-watering food.

On Monday 28th August there will be the last day of the festival and also the Grand Finale of the festival. On this day you will see 60 bands, all dressed in different vibrant colours dancing to the music of static sound systems. There will be diverse genres of music, and all the streets are filled with colours and people dancing and singing without forgetting the food stalls which are the centre of attention for everyone on this particular occasion.

So, if you want to have a fun time then get ready for the all exciting and lavishing Notting Hill Festival. Let us take you there by calling us 0203 883 7899 or by email and enjoy the event.

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