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Your wedding day, the best day of your life, the day you’ve spent so long meticulously planning has finally arrived.

Unfortunately, you cannot control every single aspect of your day.  What about your Uncle getting lost or your friends arriving late?  A long list of your closest friends and family will be the ones to attend your special day, and managing them can quite frankly be a frustrating task.

Choosing to ignore the importance of wedding transportation and not making this a priority element in the planning of your day can sometimes be a mistake, especially if the ceremony and reception are at two different locations.

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to ensure everyone is on time for your perfect day is to hire a coach or a minibus.  Not only will this provide a relaxing and hassle free experience for your guests, it is the most economical choice as well.  Instead of having to arrange to park for 20 or more cars, you could just hire a coach or a couple of minibuses to accommodate your guests.

Here are our five tips to consider when arranging wedding transportation for your special day:

Hire only Pros

Your chosen transport company are responsible for shifting your guests from their places of stay to the wedding venue.  Using a professional service, you do not need to coordinate different rides and all your guests can be with you at the right place, at the right time.  A professional transportation service can take the hassle out of moving your guests around.  Just this, offers you a great deal of peace of mind.

Don’t let guests fend for themselves

If you do not provide any transportation for your guests, there is a possibility of them getting lost, arriving late or there being insufficient parking available causing unnecessary stress for those attending.  Let’s consider a scenario: you arrange your wedding at a luxurious yet compact vicinity, the parking capacity may not suffice, and the meticulous timings of your event might be affected by such hitches.

A coach can carry up to 70 passengers and avoids all such issues while guaranteeing the on time arrival.

Think about your guests

It is true that this is your wedding day, but everyone is supposed to enjoy themselves and the majority will no doubt have a couple of drinks with you to help you celebrate!

To ensure everyone gets home safe, having a professional driver and dedicated service for transport is the best choice.

Plan the route

Pre-planning the route your guests will take is very important.  If you are not comfortable deciding a route (or multiple routes), you are highly encouraged to coordinate with the wedding transportation company that is involved in your event, and they can suggest the quickest and safest route for your guests.

Don’t skip the call sheets

You should prepare a pickup list with the names of all guests to ensure that no one gets left behind on this important day.  Give the transportation company this information in advance of the wedding day.

To avoid any issues on the day of your wedding, get a coach or minibus booked and let us handle the transportation of your guests. It is your special day after all and must be perfect.

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