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Buses and coaches became the most common way to move people over short, medium and even long distances.

If you think about commuting, tours, airport links, just to mention few, the coach is the vehicle of choice.

Coaches move every day thousands of people. They allow for instance to explore new places through tourism and often the transport of choice for travelling abroad.

Because fleets are constantly renewed, usually up to 10% per year, buses and coaches are driving the implementation of low emission technology. They also have the lowest carbon footprint per passenger.

What are the practical advantages of travelling by coach?


One of the most positive reasons to choose coach travelling is the comfort over other forms of transport. Modern coaches are spacious and provide air-con so that you will be able to enjoy your journey in a relaxing and comfortable surrounding. Sometimes they even provide a lounge space and even a fitted kitchen.

See the Country

When driving long distances, you rarely get the opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery that exists throughout the UK landscape because obviously, you are concentrate on the road.

When sitting back and relaxing on a coach, you can gaze the beautiful views out of the window. It’s a fantastic way to see the country while you travel.

Reduce the stress

When travelling by coach, you can comfortably sit back and let someone else take care of the road: you can listen to music, read a book, admire the countryside or socialise with other passengers. It is a relaxing and safe way to travel and removes the stress that can come with taking on the road by yourself.


Safety plays a key role in coach transportation. Even if we live in a technology driven world, you might still be wary of what you’re doing.

A professionally trained driver knows where to go. They know the way to your destination and will drive you safely on your journey.

Cheaper option

If you account the cost of petrol, road tax, car maintenance and the congestion charge, you can easily see how cost-effective a coach can be. Travelling by coach keeps your spending more under your control, making it a convenient way to travel.

Social engagement

Coaches and buses give you the possibility of travelling together with a group of friends, family or colleagues offering an excellent way to socialise and improve relationships in a relaxing environment.

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